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American, b. 1930.

Genres: Economics.

Career: Columbia University, NYC, Assistant to Associate Professor of Economics, 1957-60, Professor, 1960-68, Arthur Lehman Professor of Economics, 1968-69. University of Chicago, Assistant Professor, 1954-57, Visiting Professor, 1969-70, Professor, 1970-83, University Professor, Dept. of Economics and Sociology, 1983. Sr. Fellow, Hoover Institution, 1990. Columnist, Business Week mag., 1985. Research Associate, Economics Research Center, National Opinion Research Center, 1980. John Bates Clark Medal, 1967; Nobel Prize for Economics, 1992; National Medal of Science, 2000.

Publications: The Economics of Discrimination, 1957, rev. ed., 1971; Human Capital, 1964, rev. ed., 1993; Human Capital and the Personal Distribution of Income: An Analytical Approach, 1967; Economic Theory, 1971; (with G. Ghez) The Allocation of Time and Goods over the Life Cycle, 1975; The Economic Approach to Human Behaviour, 1976; A Treatise on the Family, 1981, rev. ed., 1991; Accounting for Tastes, 1996; (with G. Nashat) The Economics of Life, 1996; Familie, Gesellschaft und Politik, 1996; (with K.M. Murphy) Social Economics, 2000. EDITOR: (with W.M. Landes) Essays in the Economics of Crime and Punishment, 1974; Essays in Labor Economics in Honor of H. Gregg Lewis, 1976 Lewis, 1976.

Address: Dept. of Economics, University of Chicago, 1126 E 59th St, Chicago, IL 60637, U.S.A.