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American (born United States), b. 1939.

Genres: Children’s fiction, Adult non-fiction.

Career: Schoolteacher, 1964-69; Scott, Foresman, Lyons & Carnahan, associate editor, 1969-72, editor, 1972-74, executive editor/editorial manager, 1978-2001; Encyclopaedia Bri-tannica Educational Corp., senior editor; City Colleges of Chicago, reading teacher, 1976-78.

Publications: Sparks (nonfiction; for adults), 1973. CHILDREN’S FICTION: From Miss Ida’s Porch, 1993; May’naise Sandwiches and Sunshine Tea, 1994; Ernestine & Amanda, 1996; Ernestine & Amanda: Summer Camp, Ready or Not, 1997; Ernestine & Amanda: Members of the C.L.U.B., 1997; Ernestine & Amanda: Mysteries on Monroe Street, 1998; McKendree, 2000; Pictures for Miss Josie, 2003; Beauty, Her Basket, 2004; Store Bought Baby, 2006.